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Understanding Kewtech Safety Isolation Kits

Understanding Kewtech Safety Isolation Kits
20 May, 2024

Understanding Kewtech Safe Isolation Kits: KEWISO2, KEWISO3, and KEWISO5

Safe Isolation Kits are essential tools for ensuring safe electrical maintenance and troubleshooting. These kits are designed to secure electrical circuits from being inadvertently energised, protecting both workers and equipment. Kewtech, a prominent name in electrical testing and safety equipment, offers a range of Safe Isolation Kits, including the KEWISO2, KEWISO3, and KEWISO5.  

Reputable training colleges across the UK will train apprentices and electricians in the art of electrical self-isolation as part of a whole-hearted approach into keeping electricians safe when working on site. Journals and communications from electrical governing bodies such as NIC-EIC, NAPIT, ELECSA and City & Guilds, all place safety at the top their agenda. Self-Isolation kits are certainly one of the most prominent pieces of equipment that keeps an installer safe, and you will be constantly reminded of this when training to be an electrician. Once qualified, do not be surprised if you receive reminders about self-isolation when keeping up to date with the latest wiring regulations.

Here’s an overview of these products and their applications:

KEWISO2 Safe Isolation Kit

The KEWISO2 is designed for those who need a basic yet comprehensive solution for safe isolation. It includes a selection of lockout devices and tags to cover a variety of electrical systems, ensuring that circuits can be safely de-energised and locked out during maintenance. This kit is ideal for small to medium-sized electrical installations.

Components: Includes padlocks, lockout hasps, and lockout devices suitable for MCBs, RCBO’s, and other circuit breakers.

Applications: Perfect for smaller maintenance tasks and routine safety checks and like all Kewtech products, is supplied in an unobtrusive yet durable carry case.

KEWISO3 Safe Isolation Kit

The KEWISO3 offers a more extensive range of lockout devices compared to the KEWISO2, making it suitable for more complex electrical installations. It includes a wider variety of devices to ensure compatibility with various circuit breakers and electrical systems.

Components: Features additional lockout devices, multiple padlocks, more versatile hasps and carry case.

Applications: Ideal for larger facilities with diverse electrical systems, requiring comprehensive lockout solutions.

KEWISO5 Safety Isolation Kit

The KEWISO5 is the most comprehensive kit offered by Kewtech. It includes an extensive range of lockout devices and accessories, catering to all types of electrical circuits and ensuring maximum safety during electrical maintenance.

Components: Contains the widest variety of lockout devices, multiple padlocks, lockout hasps, an assortment of tags and labels and all packed neatly into a versatile carry case that is perfect for site work.

Applications: Very well suited for large industrial facilities and more complex electrical installations where detailed and robust safety procedures are essential.


Choosing the right Safety Isolation Kit depends on the complexity and scale of the electrical systems you will be working on. The KEWISO2, KEWISO3, and KEWISO5 kits from Kewtech provide scalable solutions to ensure safe and efficient electrical maintenance. Investing in the appropriate kit can significantly enhance workplace safety and compliance with safety regulations. Professional electricians will very often champion brand leading names such as Kewtech. 

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