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NVA Monsoon Positive Input System - Loft Model DC Motor (PPS/L)

NVA Monsoon Positive Input System - Loft Model DC Motor (PPS/L)

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Monsoon Positive Input System - Loft Model DC Motor (PPS/L)

The PPS/L model is designed to be fitted in a loft space in all types of residential properties with the discreet diffuser, always supplied in White plastic, installed in the hallway.

For ease of fitting, this low maintenance PIV system is supplied with both a hanging kit and base mounting kit as standard, enabling the unit to be fitted in under an hour. Once fitted and the house size is selected this unit will use internal sensors to adjust the filtered airflow as required.

This range of Monsoon Positive Input Systems gently introduce tempered filtered and clean air into the home, eleviating many issues caused by polluted, moisture-laden air, curing even the most stubborn mould, mildew and condensation issues.

This tried and tested method increases circualtion within the home, thus removing the environments required for mould growth.  Within a few weeks of installation of the Positive Input System there should be visible improvements to the area of issue.  The mould will have dried out and can then be safely treated, in the knowledge it will not return.

Both the PPS/L/H & PPS/L offer heat reclaiming speeds, which increase incoming air when the loft temperature exceeds 18 degrees, which in turn means a saving on your heating costs.

Using 230-240 V AC 50Hz Single Phase power, the low energy motor consumed down to 3.1W on trickle. The fans are double insulated and do not require an earth.  All wiring must comply with current IEE regulations.  These units are supplied with a 2.5m Power cable.

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