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Carbon Monoxide Alarms

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    Carbon Monoxide Alarms

    With Carbon Monoxide being colourless, odourless as well as tasteless, and life threatening should you breathe it in, an alarm to detect this dangerous gas is highly recommended. Council Housing, Private Landlords and Social Housing Providers however are required by law to provide working Carbon Monoxide Alarms in their properties. 

    Here at Your Electrical Supplier we stock a very good range in battery, radio frequency and mains wired. 

    Should you want an interconnectable system where carbon, heat and Smoke alarms can sound at the same time in the event of an activation, consider our radio frequency HAS/BC/RF10-PRO which can be fitted by a competent person. Should you want mains cable interconnectable (HSSA/CO/FF) carbon monoxide alarms, these will need to be fitted by an electrician. Our range Is provided by two highly recommended manufacturers, AICO and HI-SPEC.