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Industrial Plugs & Sockets

  • Converter/Adaptor
  • Industrial Cable Splitters
  • Industrial Wall Sockets
  • Interlocking Switch
  • Panel Mounted Sockets
  • Plugs & Connectors
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  • Industrial Plugs & Sockets

    Industrial Plugs and Sockets 

    Included within our Industrial Plugs and Sockets range you will find wiring accessories for 110volt Site Temporary installs, prime examples being the  C110-16  and P110-16. Also included are IP Rated speed fit Trailing Industrial Plugs and Sockets to suit various electrical cables, including our flexible rubber cable H07RN-F. IP44 Interlocking Switches, such as the ILS415-32  for 32amp three phase power supplies are also available for quick delivery anywhere on the UK mainland, our single and three phase range are comprehensive and competitive.

    Your Electrical Supplier are well known for their wide range of Industrial wiring accessories, whether they be for a 110v temporary building site or a 240v interlocking switch for a factory wall. Panel Builders use our Mounted Sockets when building a range of electrical panels and electricians love the efficiency of Speedfit Couplers. Whether an Industrial IP44 yellow cable splitter 350C110 or angled 240volt 3pin wall Socket 32amp WS240-16, you should find what you are looking for.