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    White Sockets & Switches

    CLICK MODE white sockets and switches feature smooth modern lines that will easily suit both traditional and contemporary designs. 

    The modular design of CLICK MODE provides designers and installers with unprecedented flexibility in creating dedicated wiring solutions that address specific wiring needs. 

    There is no longer any need to compromise because CLICK MODE white plastic accessories offer a complete solution to modern wiring requirements.

    This range of electrical sockets (part numbers normally always being prefixed with CMA), is probably one of the most popular in the UK. 

    This is mainly for two reasons, their attractive design and 20 year warranty.

    CLICK Mode Part M and all white sockets and switches moulded wiring accessories are produced with Urea Formaldehyde, which has antimicrobial properties that inhibit the growth of infectious diseases. 

    Independent testing has shown that CLICK Polar, Part M, and Mode® plates have anti-viral properties against enveloped and non-enveloped viruses. 

    Mode and Polar were shown to have a 99.9% kill off rate against enveloped viruses and a 92% kill off rate against non-enveloped viruses after a 4-hour contact period.