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CCTV Cameras - Colour at Night

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    CCTV Cameras Colour at Night

    When recording (and playing back) outside in daylight, most quality CCTV cameras produce similar quality images, but this is not the case when images are viewed at night. This is where our Colour at Night CCTV technology comes in, capturing (and playing back) images in full colour. This enables you to see the colour of clothing a burglar or thief is wearing or the colour of their car, these images can be passed to the Police for potential evidence. Imagine being able to now share with your local neighbourhood watch, or facebook page, clear colour at night CCTV of a thief burglar or trespasser. No more need for those old black and white images.

    Our CVPLUS-8-4DOME-1TB utilises Colour at night technology to help secure your home, warehouse, factory, or office. You can also peruse our CV-8IP-4DOME-2TBW

    Analogue CCTV cameras provide a very cost effective way of bringing you excellent images whereas IP CCTV cameras are normally the choice of the professional CCTV installer. Professional installers will often also opt to use CCTV QVIS Camera Bases for a better overall look and finish, these are known as RING-J1 and RING-J1-G.