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Fire Alarm Panels

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  • Fire Alarm Panels

    Fire Alarm Panels

    Fire Alarm panels receive data from fire detection and reporting devices, monitors their operational integrity, can provide automatic control of equipment as well as the transmission of information necessary to prepare a facility for fire in a predetermined sequence. In addition, fire alarm panels can power any associated initiating device, notification appliance, control, transmitter, or relay. Your Electrical Supplier stock the market leading range of ESP Fire Alarm Kits and Panels and our MAGDUO4BKIT could be a great product for your installer to consider for your facility, as could the FLK4PH

    Our range of Fire Alarm panels include addressable fire alarm systems designed for larger premises with more complex needs, they cost more than a conventional system due to their controllability and intelligence.

    We also stock a range of standard Fire Alarm Panels for smaller premises but as always, seek professional advice when choosing a life safety system. There is an independent professional body of installers associated with the correct and recognised installation of Fire Alarms systems, they are known as BAFE, meaning British Approvals for Fire Equipment.