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  • Sockets & Switches

    Sockets and Switches

    We supply a wide range of plugs, sockets and switches, including with integrated USBA and USBC ports. Mobile Phones and tablets can be charged quickly using USB ports with USB ports being ideal for families and businesses that require numerous charging stations but do not want to limit their number of available outlets. When upgrading sockets and switches, there are dozens of finishes available. Our attractive Click Scolmore white plastic range which includes the CMA786, comes integrated with two USB charger ports A & C for convenient device charging.

    You can also choose from black nickel switches and sockets, stainless steel sockets or light switches  VPSS411GY, or satin chrome sockets VPSC586GY. Brass sockets and switches and a host of other fantastic looking finishes are also stocked in depth. For a consistent and attractive look, and one that an interior designer would also be proud of, match sockets with the same colour and style of switches throughout the home.

    Our Decorative range is extensive, far more attractive than your typical white plastic sockets, plus you’ll very likely find a finish to suit whatever room, house or apartment you are renovating, or office you are updating.
    Our Metal Clad, along with our Outdoor Range enables you to really go that extra mile, with aesthetics, safety and practicality in mind. Finally, our Wiring Accessories enables Your Electrical Supplier to be your one stop store when your electrician is doing both his first and second fix.