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    Home & Business Security Systems

    With our latest home and business security systems, which include Outdoor LED Security Cameras, burglar alarms, camera doorbells, door entry kits and indoor or outdoor infrared cameras, you reduce worry and risk and also deter intruders, burglars and vandals. With business premises that have a reception area and tenant apartment blocks, our most popular Keypad Door Entry kit is the EZTAG3PROC

    With wireless doorbell Camera such as the ECSPDB, you can be alerted when someone enters or exits your driveway or front door. Also consider a HD High Definition Door-entry kit such as the APKIT which gives high resolution video images. If you want to combine a high definition 1080p security camera with an inbuilt powerful LED light, take a look at the ECSPCAMSLB 

    Home Security Burglar alarms such as our ECSPK2  are so advanced now that your mobile phone will notify you of an activation or burglary even if you are sitting on a beach across the other side of the world, provided your phone has 4G, 5G or WIFI signal. Some of our home security alarm systems can now be fitted by the homeowner because there is no electrical wiring needed.

    Your Electrical Supplier provides the home and business security market with quality and innovative products. Take time to peruse what is available to you at competitive prices. We buy in bulk so are able to pass on discounted prices to you.