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Metal Clad Sockets & Switches

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    Metal Clad Sockets & Switches

    Metal clad sockets and switches are normally found in and around a factory or warehouse setting, where durability and robustness is required due to high traffic and risk of impact damage.

    Available in one gang or two gang, switched or unswitched and even with USB option, they will however look great, and last a lifetime in most settings. 

    On browsing our full range, you will note the metal fuse spurs have a switched or non-switched option, along with flex cable entry to the front. Worthy of note is that some end users prefer the neon light option, whereas others don't, dependent on where they are being installed.

    If you have a workbench, or a row of workbenches in a factory or workshop and like the look of our metal clad range, consider installing the CL770 switched twin socket with integrated USB port. These are ideal for charging phones, tablets and other devices.

    Currently, these tough metal backed sockets, switches, and fuse spurs are very much on trend in renovated 'factory apartments' and loft spaces, where a contemporary industrial look is sought. Garages, watertight garden sheds and man-caves also look great utilising these industrial electrical sockets.

    Ideal for most domestic, industrial and commercial applications.