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  • Lighting - Photocells & PIR Sensors

    Lighting Photocells and PIR Sensors 

    Your Electrical Supplier stock a range of Black and White Lighting sensors with the most popular PIR being our tiltable white wall mounted product offering long distance detection and IP rated, the OVPIR001WH  

    Besides Surface and Recessed Passive Infra-Red PIR’s, we also stock Dust till Dawn lighting Photocells, namely the OVPC001BK

    The above products are used extensively in offices where electricity savings can be made given lights will switch off if no movement is detected and when added security is required, such as in your garden or factory car park in the form of PIR’s 

    A photocell, also known as a P/cell is normally always used in conjunction with a security floodlight. PIR’s on the other hand are used for both internal and external light fittings. They normally have dials or controls for adjusting time and LUX levels.