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    LED Lighting

    Your Electrical Supplier offers a big selection of LED lighting products to include light bulbs, portable rechargeable work lights NE0015, lamps, and round IP65 external Bulkheads. We also have a range of warehouse and factory lighting to include the popular OXHL100 Our brands include NVC, ANSELL and ML Accessories. We supply outdoor lighting such as domestic and commercial floodlights, up/down wall lights, garden lanterns and interior spotlights to illuminate your kitchen or bathroom APRIP/1.

    Our Commercial range of LEDs for an office, or our Industrial range for your factory can save you many thousands of pounds in utility bill costs. Fluorescent tubes, SON and Incandescent bulbs are products of the past. On the other hand, major cost savings are very easily achieved in replacing old Halogen spotlights in a home domestic setting with LED.

    LED Lighting Provides:

    ·         Savings of approximately 55% to 85% in electric bills.

    ·         LED emit far less heat so are safer and last longer.

    ·         Quality LEDs generate better colour rendering index ‘CRI’ meaning the area you are illuminating is more closely visualised in its original state.

    ·         LED give you a more directional light beam which is particularly useful in High Powered Cost Saving Asymmetrical Floodlights and High Rack areas in warehouses.  

    ·         Installing LED lighting enables organisations to greatly reduce its carbon footprint.

    ·         LED lighting provides instant illumination from the moment you turn the switch on.

    ·         If you are old enough to remember dropping an older style glass bulb, you will be happy to know that LEDs are much harder to break!

    Save money by switching to our LED bulbs and other lighting fixtures. Light quality will be improved whilst energy savings are taken advantage of too.