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    MFT Multifunction Testers

    Also known as Multifunction Testers, several manufacturers dominate the electrical industry for MFT, including Dilog, Fluke, Kewtech and Megger. With some MFT’s designed to test 230v- 240volt single phase installations, many are also suitable for both single and 415v three phase testing. Most Electricians will however procure Multifunction Testers that also allow for Phase Rotation.

    With the onset of Electric Vehicle Chargers, advanced 18th Edition Multifunction Testers are now available for the Inspection and Test of domestic and commercial EV Chargers and soon, majority of electricians will upgrade to what have become known as EV MFT’s.

    Some Electrical Engineers are fortunate in that their existing MFT can be upgraded to Inspect and Test Electric Vehicle Chargers. The MEGGER 1741 allows for such an upgrade to (Megger) 1741+ and once your old 1741 has been upgraded, you just need the Megger EVCA201-UK Adaptor. 

    Kewtech also have an EV Adaptor, the KEWEVSE which can be used with their new  KT66DL. The KT66DL is easy to use, with one rotary dial and four function keys. Like many newer MFT’s, it provides comprehensive RCD function to include EV & B and variable RCD test. Kewtech provide attractive and robust equipment to electricians and were one of the first manufacturers offering 18th Edition advanced MFT from stock for free delivery.

    For a new and ready to go EV MFT, the DILOG DL9130EVKIT or Kewtech KT66EV are in stock for a free and quick UK wide delivery.