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    Outdoor Sockets & Switches

    The IP66-rated weather-proof socket and switch enclosures provide users with a single fix installation by attaching the entire back box to the wall to house the socket or modules.

    For the discerning homeowner in their countryside mansion or an urban semi, outdoor switches & sockets provide a distinct sign of quality. The most popular product in this range is our OA036AG.

    You have the option of purchasing the sockets and switches as empty, unfurnished boxes or furnished with the relevant socket or switch modules. Easy access is provided by a spring-loaded lid, and the units can be locked, protecting them from tampering and enabling safe isolation.

    This range is perhaps the most popular in the UK and installed in gardens to allow you to more easily mow your lawn, and use other outdoor tools. These can also be installed on the front of your property to facilitate a jet wash or vacuum cleaner, for example, in order to tend to your vehicle. 

    They are also popular in and around BBQ areas where permanent electrical power is needed.