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    Smoke Alarms

    Optical Smoke Alarms, along with Carbon and Heat alarms, are critical devices in keeping your family and visitors safe. For the 12month period ending June 2021, UK Fire and Rescue departments attended almost 150,000 fires, resulting in 249 deaths.

    It is important to not only have smoke alarms installed, but ensuring they are also within date and in good working order. Majority of smoke alarms now installed have Optical Sensors which react to slow smouldering fires using an Infra-red beam. Ionisation units are becoming less popular, not least due to concerns around the radioactive material that ionisation smoke detectors rely on. 

    Your Electrical Supplier stock only AICO and Hi-Spec smoke alarms due to them being respected manufacturers in the UK marketplace, both complying fully with relevant British Standards. Domestic Smoke, Carbon Monoxide and Heat detectors are normally battery only or mains cable wired with an integrated battery back-up – one of the reasons for a mains cable alarm with battery back up is that your unit will still work in the event of an electrical power cut. Landlords often preferred a dual mains/battery unit because if a tenant removed the battery, the unit was still wired to the mains cable. These days however, dual mains/battery units have a sealed battery meaning the battery cannot be removed.  

    The most popular and trusted smoke alarm from AICO is the flagship Ei3016  which is used by many professional landlords, including within HMO’s, House of Multi Occupancy. An effective and popular product for homeowners however is the easy to install smoke alarm HSA/BP

    If you prefer a product that can linked with other units but without having to electrically wire them all together, the HSA/BP/RF10-PRO is ideal - it is Interconnectable with up to 20 Battery Wireless Detectors from this range, which includes Heat and Carbon Monoxide detectors. This means that once they are all set up and linked by a competent person, in the event of an activation, all units linked on the same RF (radio frequency) circuit will sound together. Another way of explaining this is that if you are in your living room but a fire started in your bedroom, the alarm in your living would also sound, as well as the bedroom alarm and indeed any other alarms on the same circuit. 

    Each unit has a sealed 10 Year (3V DC) Lithium Battery, and the unit comes with a 5 Year manufacturers Guarantee. This range has a 50metre transmitting and receiving distance.