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LED Lighting – Domestic

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  • LED Lighting – Domestic

    LED Lighting – Domestic

    With domestic electricity costs now very high, as well a wanting a more attractive and modern home, homeowners will switch or are considering switching to cost saving home LED lighting and light bulbs. They are replacing expensive to run old 60watt and 100watt incandescent bulbs that often became dangerously hot. They are being replaced with affordable, eco-friendly, efficient, attractive LED bulbs that will reduce their carbon footprint and reduce electric bills. Choose between Opal or Clear diffusers, in ultra-warm white, warm white, cool white or daylight. In the technical sense, these are also known as 2000k to 2700k, 3000k, 4000k or 6000k kelvin daylight colour.

    There are many cap types akin to lighting which include G9, BC, also known as Bayonet Cap, SES Small Edison Screw or ES Edison Screw. There are more cap types however, these are the most popular for the home.
    Light bulbs such as S12505 or S10989 replace old 60watt bulbs and S10995 and S12507 replace your old 100watt bulbs. Finally, you may have heard the terminology GLS, Candle Bulb or GU10, these are just some of the many shapes of bulb available.    

    Your Electrical Supplier also stock bright bathroom and kitchen fire rated recessed LEDs, such as our  APRIP/1, this is an IP65 rated spotlight, gives excellent longevity and warranty as well as being easy to install for an electrician. Should you want a large surface mounted LED instead, please peruse our great range. To supplement our internal LED lighting range, we distribute an enviable range of external LED floodlights such as our OV10130BKCWPIR which help to secure your garden and driveway, along with modern and sleek looking LED Bollards for pavement, patio, and garden illumination.

    Our Up Down lights for external walls such as the NH022W and internal LED porch lights also make your home look beautiful, as well as provide extra security. Another popular product line are LED lanterns that are available in various finishes such as Brushed Chrome or Black and White polycarbonate. With lanterns and up/down lights, some models are also available with inbuilt Photocells that will automatically stay illuminated during the hours of darkness. Some domestic external light fittings also come with inbuilt PIR sensors    

    Whether updating lighting internally or externally with spotlights or floodlights, LED brings ideas to reality. This could be a cosy warm feeling inside or outside, or a very bright daylight effect to your driveway. Many of these cost savings do not require an electrician because it is just a case of replacement bulbs.