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LED Lighting - Industrial & Commercial

  • Circular LED Bulkheads
  • High Powered Floodlights
  • LED Batten Lighting
  • LED Bollards
  • LED Emergency Lighting
  • LED Panels
  • LED Wall Packs
  • Recessed Light Fittings
  • Surface/Suspended Linear LED
  • Warehouse Factory Lighting
  • LED Lighting - Industrial & Commercial

    LED Lighting – Industrial & Commercial 

    Industrial & Commercial LED Lighting are classified as fittings installed in buildings such as Offices, Restaurants, Surgeries, Sports Facilities, Changing Rooms, Warehouses, Hospitals, Mental Health Facilities, Garages and Factories.

    Technology however improves all the time and one such improvement is the availability of Low Glare LED’s and hence many electricians now install Low Glare square LED lighting panels in offices. Low Glare UGR stands for unified glare rating with these panels offering the same light output but providing a far more visually comfortable environment for staff, such as the OV751301CWB. Another big improvement in LED technology is Asymmetrical Floodlights, these are normally high-powered LEDs that provide a more directional beam of light, such as our OV102100BKCW

    Some light fittings are assembled to achieve a level of Water and Dust Protection such as IP54 and IP65, and some products can even withstand being hit hard with a powerful punch or even a hard object – these are often classified as IK10 and provide protection against vandalism. An Example of an IP65 industrial light fitting and normally installed in a factory or warehouse, is what electricians classify as a Vapour Proof Non-Corrosive, the most popular size being 5ft twin. Should you not require IP54 or IP65 protection, an IP20 5ft single or twin output LED Batten may suffice. IP20 LED Battens are often installed in small industrial or factory racking areas where staff are picking boxes and require improved cost saving lighting.

    LED Emergency lighting is a pre-requisite to any safe working or learning environment and it is surprising how many buildings do not conform to BS5266-1 legislation. Your Electrical Supplier stock emergency light fittings such as Emergency Bulkheads OEN3 and Emergency Exit Boxes such as the OVEM5311WHD, as well as Self-Test emergency lighting that is often favoured in larger buildings. These are the light fittings you often see affixed to a wall or ceiling with either an up arrow, down arrow, left arrow or right arrow.

    Modern LED Bollards are also found in a commercial setting, namely in car parks, staff and patient walkways and outside modern office blocks. To the contrary, many years ago most manufacturers supplied 70watt SON wall packs, nowadays these have been replaced by attractive 15watt or 25watt LED wall packs that save on electricity, improve your carbon footprint, and are an attractive addition to an outside wall or façade of any office or industrial building. Some LED light fittings are classed as recessed and some classified as surface mounted, but both come in either round, square or linear.

    For most factory and warehouse lighting, also known as high or low bays, most clients opt for UFO Factory Lights with a standard beam angle, the most popular output being 100watt. On the other hand, some classify a low or high bay as a more conventional rectangular shape with a white body. Whether white or black, round, or rectangular, Your Electrical Supplier can help you with your project.

    Some advantages of Industrial and Commercial LED Lighting

    • Electricity savings of up to 80%.
    • LED lighting emits much less heat and can therefore be safer and are lower maintenance .
    • Most Commercial and Industrial Light fittings now come with the option of 3hour Emergency Battery packs, particularly useful if you need your building to conform to BS5266 Part1.

    Our NNE/2/LED/M3/V3 is a very popular emergency light fitting. Note however, you can now choose a range of emergency fittings with lithium batteries and self-test emergency lighting options.   

    • LEDS reduce your carbon footprint
    • LED’s work far better and efficiently in cold weather but always check the manufacturer’s instructions if using your LED lighting in sub-zero temperatures
    • Instant illumination, from the moment you turn on the light switch