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Heating & Ventilation

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  • Heating & Ventilation

    Heating & Ventilation

    Your Electrical Supplier are stockists of heating & ventilation products suitable for your home or business.

    Should you need an efficient Electric Oil Filled heater or LOT20 Electric Panel Heaters such as our DPH1500-ECO, we can help. Our range of heating also includes Portable and Fixed Infrared patio heaters with tripod stands or wall brackets to suit – these products are ideal for pubs and clubs where clients have the option to eat, drink or smoke outside. They are increasingly very popular with the savvy homeowner too.

    A range of heating programmers such as the CHPPR1, thermostats such as the CHPRSTATD and timer switches are also stocked in depth. Programmers and thermostats are ever more important in these times of ever-increasing fuel bills.

    Our Heating and Ventilation section also provides a selection of Kitchen and Bathroom fans. The BVF100T 4” timer fan proves to be our most popular but where serious consideration needs to be given for areas of high condensation, ask your electrician to review our range of inline fans.  

    With our stock of LOT20 Electric Radiators and attractive Towel Radiators, we have so much to offer the homeowner who relies on electric to power their home. Do remember however that effective Heating and Time Controls & Thermostats play a major role in keeping electricity bills as low as possible for you. On the other hand, for a more cost effective ladies and gents toilet facility at work, consider our range of 230v hand dryers. These can be more cost effective than endless amounts of paper towels.