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    Heat Detectors

    Heat detectors are normally found installed in the kitchen and they work by detecting a change in temperature, which would normally be detected in and around the cooker in a what is classed as a flaming fire. Heat Detectors do have drawbacks, in as much as they will likely not be able to detect a smouldering fire quickly enough.

    Electricians, and Landlords should be fully up to date with the most recent legislation, which can be different dependant on where you live within the United Kingdom. At time of writing, October 2022, British Standards BS5839-6:2019 is the relevant documentation and guidelines that you should be following when installing heat detectors. BS5839-6:2019 will talk about LD1 High Protection, LD2 Medium Protection and LD3 Minimum Protection. 

    At Your Electrical Supplier we keep a range of Hi-Spec and AICO Heat Detectors in battery only, radio frequency interlinked, and mains cable interlinked.

    A favourite amongst social landlords tends to be the AICO  Ei3014  but for the homeowner, the battery-operated HSA/BH may be what you are looking for. Perhaps our most popular model however is the interconnectable lithium battery powered HSA/BH/RF10-PRO which can be connected to compatible carbon monoxide and smoke alarm units by radio frequency.