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EV Chargers

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    EV Chargers 

    5year warranty, Pro earth, Dynamic Load Management, Smart Mobile APP, Integrated RCBO isolation, Quick Installation, Cable Lock system. Just some of the words and phrases associated with our EV Chargers. With both AC and Rapid DC options available to the installer, going electric to help you achieve carbon neutral has never been easier or more attractive.

    EV Chargers units by Project EV and ROLEC are available in single phase or three phase and should only be installed by a qualified electrician. Floor stands, EV safety signage and Protective barriers are also available from stock.

    Our attractive EV Chargers are chosen by many electricians for their competitive price and sleek design, our EVA-07S-SE being a fine example. Another product of note, with its RFID control and dual socket is the EVA-07D-SE-W-C

    Have a look at the EV chargers we have on offer and should you have the need for multiple units of three or more, be sure to contact us via email or telephone 0121 439 8010 for an improved price.