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USB Type C Socket

USB Type C Socket
7 August, 2023

USB-A & USB-C, a brief history.

In 2014 USB-C connection ports hit the world stage and have become more popular as each day passes. Up until 2014, people around the globe were using USB-A ports and in-fact the majority are still using USB-A. Eventually however, USB-C ports will slowly but surely take over and become your new normal. 

What is a USB-A or USB-C port? 

The USB-A or USB-C port in this instance is the host device that allows connection to a receptor (device) and in this scenario, the connection would be via cable. The port is sometimes an integral (built in) part of the 13amp electrical sockets fixed in/to a wall at home, or in your office. 

For those persons who never upgraded their 13amp electrical sockets to include built in USB-A type ports however, you will very likely instead have several USB-A white 3pin plugs in various rooms in your home or office. The majority of these older 3pin plugs will no longer take the newer style charging cables because these cables now come with a USB-C type connection on the one end. It is these newer stye charging cables that come packed ever so neatly within the same box of your recently purchased mobile phone or tablet. 

Purchased a phone or tablet recently?  

How many of us have recently purchased a new phone? You arrive home after a tiring day out at the shops to find the sparkling new white charging cable that came with your new phone has the new style USB-C port. This modern USB-C cable will not connect into your old USB-A style 13a wall socket, or indeed your old white USB-A 3pin plug.

Up until just a few years ago, you could purchase a phone and within the box you would happily find a new charging cable, along with a compatible 3pin plug. Nowadays, most phone manufacturers provide you a new USB-C cable but with no compatible 3pin plug and of course, this new cable will no longer connect into your old USB-A socket or plug. 

Of course, provided your old charging cable is still working and safe to use, you can still charge your new device, but that brand spanking new USB-C charging cable will just sit staring at you, unused, until you install a USB-C 13a socket, or a portable 3pin USB-C plug.     

It is definitely worth upgrading to USB-C.

Something to really look forward to is that as soon as you get yourself up and running with new USB-C ports (via USB-C sockets  or USB-C 3pin plugs) you will have higher data transfer rates due to far superior connections. Your devices will charge much quicker too. These are two reasons why USB-C is becoming the industry standard.

Don’t dump your USB-A ports just yet though!

Of course, USB-A ports are not completely useless so do not throw them away or disregard these devices just yet, because in some cases, you may need them over USB-C.      

Note that Electrical Sockets and switches must only be installed by a qualified Electrician.                         



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