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PV Solar Installations on a house, factory, or warehouse

PV Solar Installations on a house, factory, or warehouse
23 February, 2024

PV Solar Installations on a house, factory, or warehouse.

Solar Panels, sometimes known as a PV or a Photovoltaic array, are becoming increasingly popular given the worlds energy requirements is dramatically changing beyond all recognition. The main reason for this recent dynamic change is very much to do with global warming and the urgent need, across the globe, for what has become known as green or clean energy. In regards generation of renewable electricity, as in what is provided by PV Solar power, it now sits in third place in electricity generation, sitting only behind wind and hydropower. In isolation, Solar power therefore plays a major role in UK and World energy transition.

This transition has created a very high demand for quality yet competitively priced materials such as Solar Panels, Hybrid Inverters, Battery Storage, Solar PV cable and PV DC Isolators. This massive energy change has also created the need for highly skilled electricians, the majority needing to be trained, upskilled, and certified to be able to carry out this new role. As well as materials needed for an actual solar installation, electricians also require specialist tools and equipment such as AC/DC current clamp meters and solar irradiance meters.

Your Electrical Supplier is proud to play their part in this green energy transition, supplying various AC, DC and IP65 or IP66 rated electrical components to the renewables energy market. Notably, this includes the stocking and supply of quality PV DC Isolators which tend to be supplied in dark or light grey. Available in various amperes ratings to include 16amp LBDC164P, 25amp LBDC254P or 32amp LBDC324P, these are an important safety critical component within your installation.

These IP rated 4pole, enclosed switch disconnector units are an extremely popular product, particularly for solar installers, and you will normally find our DC PV Isolators fitted next to the solar invertor. What do they do? They manually isolate the entire PV array during installation, during maintenance or importantly, when there is a safety issue.

With the upskill of electricians comes the need for more specialised tools and test equipment and it has certainly generated the need for Solar installers to carry a much larger array of equipment. Inside a PV installers tool kit, you will almost certainly find an AC/DC Clamp Meter. Conveniently, the DL6508 measures inrush current for the initial start-up current of motors. Other key-features are 1000v DC and 750v AC, it also comes with a set of leads and a hard-wearing nylon carry bag.

For solar PV arrays, whether on your roof a home or the roof of a factory or warehouse, Irradiance meters are a must have for qualified PV Solar Installers. Irradiance metres, such as the SL102 measure various parameters when installing an efficient system. Alternatively, for the more professional solar panel installer, consider a kit like the SL500 which contains an Irradiance meter and AC/DC clamp, all in a handy black nylon zip up carry bag.  

In conclusion, solar power is becoming an important source of electricity generation and for many thousands of PV Solar electricians and technicians across the globe, this will create another revenue stream for those skilled tradespersons. Given the need for safety critical installations, the installer needs to ensure the products they choose to install PV arrays are of high quality. In the UK, the installer should ensure their installation meets IET regulations and therefore, fit for purpose. Factors such as correct selection of components, cable sizing and earth bonding, are all critical factors in providing end users with an efficient and safe installation.  

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