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NVC LED Light Fittings

NVC LED Light Fittings
1 March, 2024

NVC LED Light Fittings 

Who are NVC Lighting?

If there is one name synonymous with quality LED light fittings in the UK, it is NVC Lighting Ltd. With global sales excess of £500million Sterling and UK sales of over £22 million, they are certainly a force to be reckoned with. NVC UK have been operating out of their Birmingham distribution centre since 2007, running a fleet of vehicles which include vans that provide very quick deliveries of commercial and industrial LED light fittings within the Birmingham and wider Midland area.

What is their Core Range?

NVC’s core range includes products with a very economical price range yet are made from quality materials which include LED drivers and LED arrays. With a 5year warranty and a range including Floodlights, LED Panels, Non-Corrosive Vapour Proof fittings, and Bulkheads, these light fittings are available within a very quick delivery timescale. Names such as the Cougar asymmetrical floodlight typically used for car parks and other external areas will massively enhance the safety of people going about their business during the hours of darkness. A popular Cougar Floodlight is the 100watt NCU100/740. Another example is The NVC Fulton UGR 600mm x 600mm LED panel NFU/UGR19/66/840, this exceptionally well-made low glare LED panel will brighten your office or boardroom for years to come.

What is the NVC Contractor Pro Range?

Spend a little more and be guaranteed of a market leading and industry recognised 7year warranty with the NVC Pro range. What was known as their Contractor range, the Pro range of LED’s provides you with Higher Quality designs that use outstanding materials. Products such as the very attractive Preston bulkhead is IP54 rated, CCT, and available in 21watt NPE21/830-840 or the brighter and higher lumen output 32watt. The YALE Pro is a an immensely popular linear LED found extensively within the educational sector, such as schools, colleges and universities and with its low glare diffuser and IK10 impact rating, it is perfect for classrooms. Perhaps the most popular Yale Pro NVC LED is the NYA/5/27-44/840.  

Whether you choose Core or Pro, it is to to be said that NVC after sales service are second to none.

Can NVC provide Lighting Control options?

Lighting Controls and Sensors play such a vital role in energy savings and the overall user experience that a manufacturer would be hard pressed not to place a lot of focus on these important factors. Whether DALI dimmable, Daylight Harvesting or Microwave Sensors, NVC excel in this department. With a very quick turnaround of 3 to 5 days, bespoke NVC LED fittings can be made very quickly for you. If you have such a requirement, please give our friendly staff a call on 0121 439 8010.

Do NVC supply Fire Rated LED lighting Panels?      

Emergency escape routes within buildings have legislation adopted for them to include that LED light panels should be TP(a) rated and able to withstand heat and fire. NVC have hit the ground running with their Sterling low glare LED panel in 600mm x 600mm and having a micro-prismatic diffuser, as well as being TP(a), it is certainly one of the most respected LED panels available.


Why do installers love the NVC brand?

Over the years NVC Lighting UK have built an enviable reputation with electricians and construction companies and the reason is two-fold, quality products and a wide product range of industrial and commercial LED light fittings. For example, Nebraska Emergency bulkheads and Jupiter UFO Style circular low/high bays are stocked extensively and now efficiently illuminate thousands of warehouses and factories across the UK.

Other popular products in the NVC range are their Reno and Revus LED Bollards, not to mention the high powered IP66 rated Lynx Asymmetrical floodlight NLX100/740. Office lighting is another example of the vast range available and why NVC quickly became the go to manufacturer for thousands of electrical installers across the UK.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.         


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