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14 Way Elucian Surge Protection Consumer Unit -  3+3 Free Ways (CUEB14MSRCDSP6)

14 Way Elucian Surge Protection Consumer Unit - 3+3 Free Ways (CUEB14MSRCDSP6)

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14 Way Elucian Consumer Unit with 100A Mains Switch, 2 x 80A RCD's & 1 x 2P SPD (3+3 Free Ways)

Elucian Fuseboards by Click Scolmore, brings you a comprehensive Consumer Unit and Circuit Protection range. They cover a broad range of installations, offering a number of features and benefits to enhance the products convenience, flexibility and safety properties.

Innovative, Stylish & Functional, the Elucian range of Consumer Units, also known as fuseboards, provide an outstanding option for any home or light industrial environment. Packed with features making installation quick and simple for electricians who are fast beginning to love this range. 

Features include, Mains Switch Tail Clamp, Shrouded Live Bus Bar and Variable knockout sizes, including rear knockouts.

With an operating voltage of 230V, this 14 Way Consumer Unit, has 6 Free Ways (3 + 3), with 8 Ways being taken up by 2 x 80A Double Pole A Class 30mA RCD's, 1 x 100A Mains Switch & 1 x 2 Pole 40kA 275V SPD (already included)

A wide range of MCB's and RCBO's are also available for this board - these are to be purchased seperately.

If required, Elucian also offer a range of AFDD's, to ensure the legal requirements of your installation are met - if required, these are to also be purchased seperately.

At time of writing, an AFDD is required by law as part of amendment 2 of the 18th Edition to be installed for circuits supplying socket outlets in the following:

High Risk Residential Buildings (18m or 6 Storeys +)

Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMO's)

Purpose Built Student Accomodation

Care Homes

2 blanking modules are also included with this Consumer Unit

Enclosure Dimensions  330mm x 260mm x 92mm  (W x H x D)

Dimensions with Door 330mm x 260mm x 115mm (W x H x D)

3 Year Warranty on Devices

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