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WISKA IP68 Plastic Tails Kit (TKE/P 40/RD)

WISKA IP68 Plastic Tails Kit (TKE/P 40/RD)

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WISKA IP68 Plastic Tails Kit (TKE/P 40/RD)

This 40mm plastic tails kit manufactured by WISKA consists of a 40mm IP68 cable gland, a lock nut, multiple inserts including a blanking insert. Suitable for use with 2 x 25mm Double Insulated Tails Cables and 1 x 16mm Green/Yellow Earth wire. Supplied with a blanking plug to enable installation without Earth Wire.  Also supplied is a KEM adaptor which acts as a reducer from 40mm down to 32mm.

Our Meter tail glands allow the installer to professionally install all three cables into one appropriately insulated rubberised grommet. These innovative plastic glands save time, look tidy and conform to the most current electrical standards, critical when installing a fuse board.

Key Information:

Total Length - 52mm-65mm

Operating Temerature - -40° to 100°

Material - Polyamide

Colour - RAL 7035

Glow Wire Test - 750° C

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