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KT66EV - KT66DL MFT and KEWEVSE Adapter Kit (KT66EV)

KT66EV - KT66DL MFT and KEWEVSE Adapter Kit (KT66EV)

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Kewtech KT66EV MFT & EV Tester Kit (KT66DL and KEWEVSE Adapter Kit)

Your Electrical Supplier work closely with KEWTECH in distributing across the UK their market leading Mutifunction Tester and EV adaptor.

Two very robust and reliable MFT products by market leading manufacturer Kewtech. Supplied and carried in a very practical and durable black carry case comprising of 1 x KT66DL MultiFunction Tester & 1 x KEWEVSE EV Adapter.

This Kewtech EV MFT is used by many electrical training centres and colleges across the UK. It is a high quality tester for the 'serious electrician' who provides installation and testing of Electric Vehicle EV chargers.

In these days of Going Green, Electrical Vehicle Chargers will find themselves on every car park, driveway and street of the UK. The KT66EV MFT Multifunction Tester by Kewtech will likely become a favourite of electricians for testing and inspecting of these Electrical Vehicle Chargers.  

Details on this products available on Individual descriptions KT66DL & KEWEVSE

 Click here for the Datasheet for KT66DL

Click here for the Datasheet for KEWEVSE

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